Seacoast Exotic Rentals LLC is a family owned business who have loved sports cars throughout their lives. We are located alongside the beach in Hampton, New Hampshire. While personally enjoying these sports cars, we want to provide that same experience that you will remember for a lifetime. We make it possible for you to drive an exotic car, without having to worry about the cost of ownership!


As times have been changing, we decided it’s time to create a business that will interest us just as much as it interests our customers.  We realized how great of an idea it would be to allow others to  get behind the wheel of their DREAM car. Put the top down, cruise the coast,  and live in a moment you'll never forget!

Proud Participants of THE ONE FUND


THE ONE FUND Boston Marathon Exotic Car Rally was a day to remember the people who ran in the 2013 Boston Marathon. On July 15, 2013, SCRT (Super Car Road Trips) hosted a car rally fundraiser to honor the victims in the Boston Marathon bombings. The Car Rally on Boylston Street raised up to $20,000 for THE ONE FUND of Boston. All contributions were donated directly to the One Fund, a fund created by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Menino, which directly aids those most affected by the recent tragedy. The fund brought in dozens of members from all over New England who have a passion in driving their exotic sports cars while supporting charitable causes. Over 35 exotic cars traveled the 26.2 mile Boston Marathon route to the finish line on Boylston Street. It was an awesome day to take the cars out to support a great cause.

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